Parent Counselling

Parenting can be a very tricky as well as very challenging job.

Till date, there has been no set rules or a book with proper guidelines come out on how to parent right. Parenting in common is like experimenting every day. Every so often you will succeed and sometimes you will fail. Challenges begin precisely from the beginning, like, difficulty in attending the needs of an infant or one may have attachment issues. As children get into schools or during their adolescent years, parents face a various kind of challenges then; to name a few – trust issues, a child being bullied, or the child may have a learning disability, etc.

Parents feel helpless and are unable to cope up by themselves which may lead to either or both parents getting stressed out and anxious.

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A safe space would be provided for you to express your thoughts and feelings. The psychologist would hear you out and recognize the challenges you face while parenting. After understanding, there would be few activities and goals that would be set according to parents needs. As sessions would go by and goals would be achieved, the challenges in the past may begin to resolve which can boost self-confidence for future challenges. If there are any conflict or unresolved issues between the parent and child, the psychologist will work for them to get resolved and make the family relationship healthier and better.

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