Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is not limited to marriage or dating, it also includes the social relationship between friends, siblings or colleagues.

Relationships are both formal and informal. They are not limited to always being a couple married or is dating. When two people meet, a relationship is automatically formed. Sometimes, people click immediately, there a lot of similarities and sometimes people are opposite to each other. Every individual has a different thought process which may come between as difference of opinion. When there is a difference in opinion, miscommunications and misunderstandings; often the relationship falls apart.

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The psychologist would properly understand the relationship and the conflicts between the two. After having some clarity, the psychologist would take individual sessions if required. Once the individual counselling is done, a safe space would be provided to both to share and bridge the communication gap. You may start noticing a few changes after a few sessions. The conflicts will begin to resolve and slowly the relationship would turn healthier and positive.

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