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Marriage Counselling Services

Marriage Counselling includes pre-marriage, post marriage and conflicts during the marriage
I am a licensed

Marriage & Family Therapist

“If someone you know or care about is struggling in a relationship, please allow me to help.”

I feel it is a privilege to be a therapist. I love my work. I take a creative and collaborative approach in my practice, researching innovative techniques and information to help you make the changes you desire.

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Importance of Mental Health

Mental health isn’t a sign of weakness; it is as important as your physical health is. It is necessary to make time for it. There is nothing to be shameful for. Mental health is not just in your mind; it’s very much real, and it’s changeable. Go for therapy, seek help, and be consistent with your therapy.

Be kind to yourself.

Break the stigma.

The Stories of Success

Born and raised in New Delhi, I was always surrounded by friends, family, and not to forget the liveliness of this city never made me feel alone or depressed. In 2017, I married in a joint family and moved to the United States. Being far away from my loved ones and being completely dependent on my husband and in-laws made me feel helpless. Worry, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem seemed to consume my life. Fortunately enough, I found Urmika through an acquaintance. I came to her at a time when my world was falling apart around me.

Urmika is positive, compassionate, and easy to talk to. She helped me gain a positive outlook on myself and on the situations in my life. I look forward to seeing her each time and gaining her insight. I wish I had found her sooner.

Thank you Urmika!

Saira K

During my long-distance relationship, Urmika was able to help me out with my anxiety and relationship problems. She is a great psychologist and cannot recommend her enough. She would listen to my problems and provide a clear solution or a change I need to make it myself. She helped me gain confidence back in myself slowly got me out of depression. Till today I schedule some sessions with her for my marriage problems. She is a great psychologist and can definitely help you with your anxiety and depression, especially during these difficult times.

Aakash Jhamb

Urmika is a great therapist. She has a deep understanding of mental health issues and always makes you feel heard and accepted. I felt she truly loves her job and is a very passionate therapist. My therapy sessions were always helpful and left me feeling positive and confident. My darkness and my struggle to find a way out enabled me to begin a relationship with Urmika, with trust as the foundation. I can’t thank her enough for the help she has given me and I would definitely recommend her to someone feeling anxious or unsure about the therapy. She is excellent and very informative. Just what I needed!


Urmika has been a pillar to my psychological recovery in the past few months.
I was going through the trauma of my first break up and was struggling to be with myself.
It was only after I reached out to Urmika, I was able to slowly come to terms with my situation and cope with it!
I am now living happily & am eternally grateful to her counselling to help me get back to living my life purposefully and happily!

Abhishek Sharma

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Urmika. She is highly considerate, non-biased and patient person I could imagine. Her passionate opposition against black and white thinking was an eye opener for me. It made for a most welcoming atmosphere even though they were virtual. It gradually led to an inner reconciliation with my anxiety and trust issues. She has so many practical suggestions that are easily transferable in my day to day life. She has been extremely helpful and played an important role in my day to day anxiety management.

Amritara Narang

Questions about therapy

The Most Common Questions

I am not clinically diagnosed with anything, can I still come for counselling?

Anyone can come for a counselling session. You don’t need to be clinically diagnosed with anything for counselling. There could something that is bothering you and you want to talk about it. Talking will encourage you to vent out and counselling will help you unbottle your bottled thoughts and emotions.

What is Unbottle With Urmika?

At  Unbottle With Urmika, you can connect with me. I am Urmika Sahai a Counselling Psychologist. You can book yourself an appointment for either online counselling or for face to face sessions.

Is client confidentiality maintained?

Yes, therapist-client confidentiality is maintained and information shared is kept strictly confidential.

How does online session work?

After you have booked an appointment, you can either choose between messaging or audio call as per your convinience. All sessions are for 50 minutes. You can begin with introducing yourself, the things going on in your life.

My account has been debited, but I didn't receive the payment confirmation.

It happens when the bank delays in sending us an acknowledgment. You can drop a mail to us and we will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

What is counselling?

Counselling allows a person to share their thoughts and feelings without being judged in a safe place. It gives a channel to the client to vent out their emotions. The psychologist helps in identifying and exploring the problem the client is facing. Once the problem is identified, the psychologist would help the client to work towards a positive change.

How do I pay for the sessions?

You can pay for your sessions via Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking and E- Wallets through our website.

What can I talk about?

You can discuss the challenges you are experiencing. It can be about relationships with others, a significant other, marriage, career goals, academics, social interactions, friends, parenting, self-esteem and confidence and more. There is no right or wrong topic to talk about. If you are in any kind of distress, you can talk about.

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