Change Your Attitude

Happiness comes from the way, how we look into the world. Your attitude plays a major role when it comes to happiness. The attitude depends on our past, present and future. You perceive the past with either good/bad memory or by being grateful/regretful. It is important to have acceptance for what was in the past should stay in past. Often the baggage from the past weighs you down which changes your attitude and perception about present and future. Learn to anticipate the future with excitement and not with anxiety or experience.

I know, it’s easier said than done. I also know, after reading this blog, your attitude will not change in a split second. A few ways can help you change your attitude and are also key to happiness!

Surround yourself with good people

We all know, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ slang. The kind of people you surround yourself with, you will eventually become like them. It’s significant to have people who are good, honest and trustworthy. They should inspire and encourage you to grow in life. You should feel, secure and supported around them. Everyone makes mistakes but to have someone’s back, makes the falling and getting up the back process a lot easier.

Be thoughtful

Everyone’s guilty of taking hid or her friends and family for granted at least once (multiple, actually) times. Let’s stop doing that. Be more appreciative for people you have in your life, time spent with them, things they do for you. Not everyone goes out of their way to make you happy but I am sure, few always do. Be grateful for them. If you have a pet, randomly take their favourite toy and play with them or cuddle with them. It’s important to express gratitude and show some love to the people around you.

Treat other people better

The real key to happiness is making others happier than before. A little bit of kindness can go a long way. Try to brighten up somebody’s day. They could be your friend, family or even a stranger. Ask them about their day, be a great listener, be empathetic and you will notice, you left them better when you found them. This will give you immense joy within.

If you consistently practice this in your everyday life, your attitude towards life or things will gradually but drastically change. A positive attitude is key to happiness.