8 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship

We all have been in relationships at one point in time. We all have been in love and have got hurt. We have all had our share of breakups and fights. When we are in a relationship, we don’t realize how and when we change. Sometimes the change is good, and sometimes it’s not. While being in a relationship, we don’t understand how and when we changed. It’s either the family or friends who observe the change.

These are 8 signs that say you’re in a toxic relationship

1. Emotional Dependence

  • You cannot stop yourself from thinking about them
  • You are constantly checking your phone for their call/text
  • Your partner has become your priority
  • Everything you do it involves your partner in it
  • You think it’s your partner’s job to make you happy all the time

2. Blind Eye To An Alarming Signal

  • You choose to ignore your partner’s action which you disapprove off
  • You snooze off your gut feeling
  • You are always justifying your partner’s wrong behavior to yourself and others
  • You choose to be quiet even when your partner misbehaving
  • When you start feeling, your partner’s behavior is justified because they love you

3. You Can’t Say ‘NO.’

  • You’re always hesitating yourself to say NO
  • You’re feeling scared to hurt them emotionally
  • You’re anxious they will leave you if you did not obey them
  • You feel your opinion would be straight away rejected
  • You prioritize their happiness over yours

4. You Blindly Trust Them

  • You never counter-question them
  • You have become your partner’s shadow
  • You believe everything your partner says
  • You cannot hear anything wrong about your partner from your friends or family anymore
  • You are always agreeing with your partner in whatever they say or do without having an opinion of your own

5. My Way Or The Highway

  • You are expected to be on their side always
  • You don’t have a say in anything
  • If things don’t go according to your partner, they get upset
  • Your partner forces their likes/dislikes and choices on you
  • You guys fight frequently if you disagree with them

6. You Always Feeling Guilty

  • You feel guilty taking out time for yourself
  • The feeling of taking permission to do anything for yourself
  • Constantly feels it’s your fault after the fights
  • Feeling guilty when your partner is not happy
  • You are not aware of feeling this way

7. Self-Doubt

  • Your partner never supports your dreams
  • They show zero faith in you
  • They are always putting you down emotionally, mentally & spiritually
  • You feel incompetent about yourself
  • Making you feel stupid about your goals and dreams

8. Insecurity

  • You’re always anxious
  • They don’t make you feel you’re special for them
  • You are always taken for granted
  • Respect feels like a luxury
  • In spite of being in a relationship, you still feel lonely